It all started with Eurovision!

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest opens up a great opportunity to highlight all European communities in Liverpool and wider Liverpool City Region, to work together and to show and involve everyone in our colourful culture. We believe that it is a perfect launchpad for the new annual Liverpool European Festival.

The concept for the Festival arose from the very simple question: how much do local residents really know about the Liverpool European communities? Based on the number of registrations to EU Settlement Scheme there are 40 000 Europeans living in Liverpool still holding their national passports. Coming to Liverpool we found our new homes, we became parts of local communities, we started a long-life friendships, but we also brought our culture with us. We are all a part and representation of our culture as its inseparable from our identity. Many European migrant communities in the city continue to celebrate their traditions but it seems like they are often accessible only to those who are from that specific country. This is when we thought ‘Let’s open up and celebrate our culture together!’ – and this is how the Liverpool European Festival came to life!

The Eurovision Song Contest brings us all together through music, but we believe that there is a lot of more to enjoy when it comes to European cultural heritage. Together with our partners we want to show you the uniqueness of our culture through dance, films, and heritage. The celebration of Liverpool European Festival will start on the 9th May (the Europe Day) at the Liverpool Town Hall, where the programmed for the Festival events will be officially presented. All events are planned to take place in first two weeks of June. Find out more about the programme of Liverpool European Festival by clicking the button below and join us to celebrate the culture of local European communities.