Romania – People to Culture, Culture to History


L&D Multicultural Centre has been promoting Romanian Culture, Language and Traditions since 2017 and through the “Nicolae Iorga” Romanian School in Liverpool, children are learning the Romanian language, reading, writing, speaking, in a creative and funny manner.

As part of the Multicultural Liverpool city, we have developed many projects which helped the audience to learn more about Romania and its heritage.

As part of Liverpool European Festival, we are inviting you at Liverpool Central Library on 10th of June, between 2 and 4pm to find out interesting facts about Romania, to listen to Romanian traditional music by Daria Nita or how the Dacians, the Romanian ancestors, were arrived at Hadrian’s Wall in an interactive speech of the British Historian and writer Bronwen Riley.

Also, we’ll launch our new project “Club of film, theatre, stories and Romanian tales” which is sustained by the Department for Romanians Abroad.


Saturday, 10 th June
2pm – 4pm


Liverpool Central Library


No tickets, just Pop in.