From lively folk dances, through avant-garde movies to inspiring stories of migrants, who became a part of the Beatles City and are shaping new generations to come. European cultural heritage is colourful, rich and diverse. It’s a link that connects us with the past to help us build a better future and understanding of one another. It’s a beautiful symbol of stability in the ever-changing modern world, that we all need so much, especially now.

Communities of German, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Romania, Ukraine and many more will open their hearts and souls to show you their unique cultural heritage. Feel welcome to join us at the Liverpool European Festival to celebrate the culture of local European communities. While Eurovision will bring us all together through music, the Liverpool European Festival will connect us through dance, films and history.

Let’s become united in our diversity. 

European Dance Spectacular

Traditional folk dancing, music and costumes are often the most colourful and exciting representation of ethnic cultures! From Irish Ceili, through Greek Kalamatianos to the Polish Krakowiak – European national dances are a feast for the eyes, ears and soul. Liverpool European Festival Dance Event will start with dance groups performing at Liverpool One and then parade through the city centre spreading colour, music, and joy! Come to watch, learn, and join the dancers! Follow our social media to find out the specific date, time and locations!

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Masters of European Cinema

From the first film projection by the Lumière brothers on 28 December 1895 to the most avant-garde European film movements. The Liverpool European Festival Movie Event will be an exciting opportunity to see and hear of the European contribution to cinematography! Films projection will take place at the University of Liverpool at the beginning of June. Don’t miss the chance to see how the history of European cinematography was made and what impact on modern movies it still has. Join our social media to find out the specific dates, times, venues and films!

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European Cultural Heritage

The key to our future is in the past. Let’s find this key together! The Liverpool European Festival Heritage Events are all about inspiring stories of European migration to Liverpool. Take a trip back to the 19th century to find out more about Little Italy. Follow stories of The Great Famine and the dramatic journeys of Irish migrants. Find out the roots of the city’s Greek community. Visit historical places connected with Polish migration and find out more about the most recent Ukrainian resettlement in the city. Get lost in Liverpool and find yourself in the city that became a home to various European communities. Follow our social media to find out the specific dates, times and locations!

Various dates TBC

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